Academic Honors Banquet

Crawfordsville Country Club - Cindy Bannon

Rosie Challenge to Stoney Creek Lodge

Jon Sparks Julia Ward Shelle Norman Elena Dove Katy Yoakum Jennifer Hollandbeck Brian Bartlett '

SHS Artwork Recognized

The West Central 38th  Annual Student Art Competition d’Arlier Trust Spring Art Show is held this week.  Schools in West Central Indiana may enter only 25 art works in the competition.  Winners will receive ribbons, certificates and money awards ranging from $20 to $100 at The Awards Ceremony Thursday, May 3, at the Methodist Church in Veedersburg at 7:00 p.m.

Canner Camp 2018

Fun & Games, Arts & Crafts, Food,
Trip to Fortune Park and Much More!

The Mountie Mission, Ladoga Indiana

Canner Camp Flyer