Name Position School Email Phone Extension
Jennifer Griffith Law Enforcement Officer SHS 765-866-0350 360
Joshua Hagenow Assistant Principal SHS 765-866-0350 204
Desson Hannum PE SHS 765-866-0350 213
Donna Harrison Special Education SHS 765-866-0350 224
Brooke Harshbarger Technology Assistant NMES, Curriculum and Technology Integration 765-866-0740 405
Diane Hart Custodial SHS, SJHS
Jordan Hatch Social Studies SJHS 765-866-2023 291
Denise Haulk 1st Grade NMES 765-866-0740 449
Nicole Hazlett 5th Grade LES 765-942-2203 520
Julie Hess Assistant Secretary Board of Trustees
Brett Higgins Director of Operations and Technology District Administration 765-866-0203 807
Jennifer Hollandbeck Foreign Language SHS, SJHS 765-866-0350 273/331
Kelley Hopkins Secretary to Director of Business District Administration 765-866-0203 802
Melissa Howard Custodial SHS, SJHS
Marci Huckstep Social Studies SHS 765-866-0350 228